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Lazy & Inconsistent Blogging

Wow! I have been blogging for alost two decades with very little consistency, rhyme or reason. The existing version of the JOLT blog was started back in April of 2009, as the 3rd iteration of the Daily JOLT. As of today (Dec 1, 2016), it has not seen a new post in over a year! The 4th iteration was lost in a lab explosion on my last server.

You can find the "Daily" JOLT on Blogspot. I also have a 2007 travel blog still on wordpress, along with a cycling blog, and a Kayak building blog lost to the ether...

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Searching for simple CSS Framework

I've been developing webpages since the 90s, and the last few years I've build a lot of web apps and prototypes using Twitter Bootstrap. Today i deiced to try and fins some simpler solutions.

This blog was quickly built as a test using the Pure framework.

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Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat

One of my favorite short films: